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Whirligigs   Pinwheels   Whirlygigs   Windwheels

Lawn Ornaments For Your Outdoor Garden Decor

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Whirligigs and Pinwheels add vibrant color and spinning action to your outdoor garden decor. 

Our whirlygigs and pinwheel garden spinners are actually called windwheels. These whirligigs make the perfect lawn ornament to add beautiful color to your outdoor garden decor.  Windwheel garden spinners have become one of the hottest wind related products on the market today.

So, if your yard could use a little excitement, add a whirligig or pinwheel to brighten it up with color and action!

Windwheels, by Go Fly a Kite, are made of durable nylon with fiberglass frames, come complete with their own ground stake, and are easy to assemble. Make your yard come alive, in a matter of minutes, with a little help from the wind.

Be careful though....these lawn ornament whirlygigs can be addicting!  They are kind of like potato chips....you can't have just one! They make your outdoor garden decor come to life and put a smile on your face.

There are many styles to choose from, but remember these snapshots are a poor illustration of windwheels. You really need to see them in action to appreciate them. These pinwheels and whirligigs are definitely our main attraction and continue to be our #1 seller!

Our customers biggest problem has been...trying to decide...just which windwheel they want!


"Cuz ... they are all ... so darn cute!"


Shop for Windwheel Lawn Ornaments!

Is it whirligigs or whirlygigs?

How about pinwheels?

Or garden spinners?

Even a whirlybird?


"It's funny ... no one knows what to call them ... they just know they want one!"

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Check out our colorful whirligigs today!



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