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Get Rid of Toxins

Is your home safe?

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Most people are absolutely clueless...

I suggest you read on....

Let us start with synonyms for toxins:


"Most likely" your home is "full" of them!

You breath them, ingest them, and absorb them through your skin on a daily basis and may be suffering with allergies, sinus problems, or maybe even auto immune disorders. Cancer, birth defects, heart disease, and many other symptoms, both physical and psychological, could be related to chemicals in your everyday household itmes. The worst case is your child could swallow them, which could be deadly or severely damaging. Do you really want to take that chance?

The definition of a toxin is:

Any substance said to accumulate in the body that is considered to be harmful or poisonous to the system.

Typical household cleaning products are among the most toxic substances we come in contact with. Yet, we breath these toxic chemicals in and absorb them through our skin on a daily basis. People seem to be totally in disbelief of the body absorbing chemicals through the skin. If you are one of them, you better wise up!

Take a better look at the personal care products you are using. Do they contain undesirable chemicals that you continue to breath in, absorb through your skin, or swallow? Toothpaste, mouthwash, soaps, creams, lotions, cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners, and deodorants.

In a study conducted by the National Institute of Occupational Safety, of 2,983 chemicals analyzed in personal care products, 884 were found to be toxic.


314 can cause biological mutation


218 can cause reproductive complications


778 can cause acute toxicity


148 can cause tumors


376 can cause skin and eye irritations


To learn more about how to rid your household of these toxins and provide your family with safe products, please contact execs@thecharmingtouch.com











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