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Outdoor Garden Decor

Flags          Banners          Mini Flags        Windsocks

     Weather Vanes    Garden Sprinklers     Stepping Stones    

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Outdoor Decor adds beauty and character to your yard. Colorful flags, banners, mailbox covers, and windwheels are an eye-catching addition to any yard. Our charming windwheels come in many styles and make your yard come to life with their spinning action.  Welcome slates can be personalized for an added touch. More flags, banners, windsocks, weather vanes and other garden decor, such as, weather vanes, garden sprinklers and stepping stones will be added as we get closer to spring. So, please save us in your "favorites" so you will be sure to check back with us.  You may also join our mailing list and we will be happy to update you when we post new outdoor decor on our site.


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Flags and Banners

Welcome Slates



Mailbox Covers


Indoor/Outdoor Doormats

As always, feel free to email us or give us a call if you are looking for something in particular. We just might have it!


Shop for outdoor decor by selecting a department from our online store.


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Outdoor Garden Decor

Add a touch of refreshing color to your yard with one of our beautiful Windwheels!

There are many pinwheel and whirligig lawn ornaments to choose from and they make great gifts for those "hard to buy for people" on your gift list.


Gift Reminder




Pycnogenol & Hyraluronic Acid Eye Creme

Nourish, tone, and rehydrate!

Your eyes will look and feel smoother, firmer and softer.




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