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Magazine Stand

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Our Magazine Stand has a great selection of over 1400 magazines to choose from.



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Magazines Make Great Gifts

Magazines keep on giving all through the year. Children's magazines are especially great gifts for kids. Children absolutely love to get mail! With a magazine gift, you can put a smile on that cute little face, several times a year, instead of just once. Plus.....every time they get a magazine in the mail, they are reminded of you! This is a very charming touch, particularly if you live far away from your loved one. We will even send a "Gift Announcement" card to let the recipient know a magazine subscription from you will be arriving soon.

How about that hard to buy for person on your list? Is it Mom, Dad, or maybe a fussy teenager?

Visit our magazine gift center for great gift ideas!

View a sample of our Gift Announcement Card which includes a personal message from you!



 Derma E Customers...


Look for Gregg Avedon, one of our Derma E customers, in the upcoming 15 year Anniversary issue of Men's Health.  Gregg Avedon is the only model ever to grace the cover of Men's Health magazine more than fifteen times in the U.S., and has been on  just as many covers world wide. He will be on the cover once again, in the November 2003 issue, which includes Gregg's top health tips and full page photos.

People magazine named Gregg Avedon among the top 5 best bodies in the industry! It's no wonder he made an appearance on HBO’s Sex And The City.

Now ladies ... we know Gregg Avedon is a great looking man ... but don't forget to check out his great looking skin! After all ... he does use Derma E!

Visit our Derma E Natural Skin Care page!





Time Magazine

Time Magazine

Gift Reminder

  Time Magazine

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Time Magazine

Time Magazine


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