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Derma E - Customer Testimonials

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Please read what our customers
have to say about Derma E

Derma E Anti-aging Testimonials

  I've been using derma e for about 18 months now.  I noticed results straight away with my skin feeling smoother and more moist.  This is especially important to me as we head into the colder drier air with winter approaching. Previously I ordered from Derma e themselves but after a search on the internet I found you to be cheaper and since I always order several products at a time it just made more sense.

My mother lives in Australia and I just introduced her to Derma e and in particular the DMAE formulation. After reading Dr Perricone's book The Wrinkle Cure I believe this is the best product for more mature skin. It is also the most economical considering that other DMAE products can run as much as $120 for the same key ingredients. For myself I prefer something with vitamin c or other antioxidants as I believe in prevention.

I've tried the Pycnogenol as well as the alpha lipoic acid/green tea product and can't wait to see what the Astazanthin will offer.

Thank you for your reply and prompt shipping.  I will definitely be reordering from you soon.

Take care,
Shayna Lee

Thank you for your prompt answer. By the way, I love the products and will be ordering more, as you have the best prices that I have found.

Vickie Anderson

Derma E Special Treatments Testimonials

Hi, I have an autoimmune deficiency disease which gave me severe psoriasis. I've tried hundreds of creams in the past five years and they either made it worse or did not effect it at all.  My mom bought me some of your Psorzema and it has helped me tremendously.  I ran out of it a couple day ago an it itches so bad. I can't believe what a difference it has made in my life.

THANK YOU Sincerely

 I must say I think this Derma E Vitamin E Oil is in terms of its effects, better than the most expensive cosmetic concoctions.  Restores natural suppleness to skin.  Hope you always have it available.

Happy Customer (Hilton Head Island, South Carolina).



Derma E Clear Skin 1-2-3 Testimonials

 Derma E is a an excellent natural skin care cleanser and regimen for light to moderate acne that really works. My skin's texture has improved so much now that I have been using it and YES MY ACNE IS GONE with regular use. All their products work, even their tea tree shower gel that I use in the shower daily.  I have tried other products like Murad and Proactive and they did not help me at all. They were too strong  for my sensitive fair  skin and caused more acne  bumps and redness. Derma E is the best and it works.

Debbie -  Peabody, MA

 My daughter has had problem skin for about 3 years.  We have tried everything natural and my husband was ready to order Proactive. Fortunately we found Derma E Clear Skin and it really works.  Her skin has cleared up and looks just great. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to go the natural route.  It really works.

Lori Roberts

  Hi Janice, I got your e-mail and I just recently discovered Derma-E products at a local health food store close to me and I decided to try it because I am 20 and have had problem skin for a few years now and I was getting sick of trying all the new products that came out at the local drugstores that were not providing me with the clear skin I was looking for. The labels were just a bunch of empty promises. However within a week of trying Clear Skin 1, my face became noticeably clear and it actually stayed that way. I told all my friends that have problem skin and now they are hooked. I just recently went on the internet to find more products that I can use from Derma-E because I was so amazed by the face wash. I was so pleased to find The Charming Touch because you have the lowest prices that I have seen. I have now decided to buy my products from you because you have the lowest prices and offer the whole Derma-E line unlike the health food store close to me that is very limited. My face is clear and if you only knew what it feels like to always have to wear make-up because you were so ashamed to go out in public with an inflamed face. I don't wear make-up as much as I use too because I don't need it. I never thought that I could just walk out of the house without even putting just a little concealer on but I am actually doing it. It's the greatest feeling. I can't believe it, Derma-E does everything it says it does and more. I recommend the Clear skin Set for Acne. You wont believe your eyes when your face clears up within a week. If only I would have found you in high school. I am now permanently done with drugstore face wash, I will  never go back, it only makes your face worse. Thanks Charming Touch for providing me with such great products!

Crystal of California


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