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Derma E and our You Nique Natural Face Lift
 can be your secret to beautiful skin!

Whirligigs liven up your yard with
colorful spinning action!

Decorative welcome slates will definitely
add a touch of charm to your decor.

Welcome to The Charming Touch!  We specialize in Derma E Skin Care and have a You Nique Natural Face Lift that shows results with just the first application! It is truly amazing!

Derma E skin care is the "secret to beautiful skin" whether you are looking for anti-aging formulas, acne control treatments, or special treatments for acne scars, spider veins, stretch marks, psoriasis,  eczema, or cracked skin. Our customers just love our Derma E Skin Care.

Now with our You Nique Natural Face Lift you can experience a face lift in the comfort and privacy of your own home and then compliment your face lift with Derma E anti-aging formulas.

Whirligigs, Decorative Welcome Slates, and
Indoor and Outdoor Decor

Our home decor, such as our welcome slates, add character indoors or out, while our outdoor whirligigs can make your yard come to life! Check out our Irish Gifts and Decor or visit our NASCAR page for the race fans. We also have Heritage Lace for the ladies, designer doormats, and our decorative welcome slates even include pet slates.

We are also here to provide you with the "freshest" of flowers! Flowers are shipped direct from the grower through our Flower Shop, so they are "unsurpassed" in freshness and quality.

As a free service, we also provide a Gift Reminder Service, so you never miss that special occasion again!  Simply sign up and choose when you would like a friendly reminder of that special occasion.          

Our online store is continually growing, so  join our mailing list to keep informed of new merchandise or special sale events.    

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Remember Derma E and our You Nique Natural Face Lift
can be your secret to beautiful skin!



The Charming Touch is a woman owned business

and we just love Derma E and the You Nique Natural Face Lift.





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Beauty Tip

Do you know the secret  to great looking skin?

Derma E does!

Visit our Skin Care page to learn how Derma E can make you look and feel better naturally!


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